Practical Ultrasonic Anti Barking Training Devices


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: Repellents
  • Fixed frequency: 25KHZ, flashlight 130LM
  • Product: 13cm/5.12"*7.3cm/2.87"*5.3cm/2.1"
  • Line length: 100cm/39.37" Power supply: 8-9V DC/ 500mA
  • Adapter input voltage: 100V~240V AC


  • This machine is installed in the vicinity of the kennel 1-2 meters is not easy to touch the place without leakage. 
  • Fix the hole according to the fixing hole of the wall plate and refer to the instruction manual.
  •  A waterproof power socket shall be installed near the product. Press the ball joint on the back of the unit into the wall plate, adjust the direction to the dog activity area, and plug in the power.

How to use: 

  • After the product is installed, plug in the power plug, and the power indicator (green LED) is on. At this time, if a loud continuous analog dog is called, the ultrasonic emission indicator (red LED) will light for about 8 seconds. If the ambient noise is very low, For large or long-term use, it is best to turn off the power to extend the life. Product Description: The product is a voice-activated wall-hook device that triggers the work of the ultrasonic circuit through a dog bark and emits a harsh ultrasonic wave for 8 seconds. Can hear) makes the dog feel uncomfortable (no harm to people and dogs). After many iterations, the dog set up conditional reflexes and realized that the sound was caused by his own arrogance. Afterwards, it was no longer easy to scream. In order to be kind to the dog, the product adopts the sound accumulation (integration circuit) triggering method. That is to say, a monophonic barking or a short noise around will not trigger. Under normal circumstances, only three or more consecutive calls will trigger, so that it is effective. The filter eliminates false triggers caused by ambient noise or occasional dog calls. However, due to environmental noise, the size of the dog's fontanelle, and the uncertainty of the dog's distance from the machine. It is not absolute that the words “trigger for more than three consecutive calls will be triggered”, but this does not affect the effect of use. Because the product needs to be in a powered state for a long time, it does not use a battery. Instead, it is powered by commercial power and is equipped with a power adapter.

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